Hazrat Pir Miran Saiyed Ali-Vali Sarkar (r)

Welcome to the Sarkar Shah-e-Mira Miran Saiyed Ali Dargah, Spiritual Treatment & Educational Welfare Centre.

In the Name of Allah, the Most Benefecient, the Most Merciful


Welcome to the way of Sufism:

This website is dedicated to the spiritual benefits of Sarkar Shah-e-Miran Hazrat Pir Miran Saiyed Ali-Vali Sarkar (r.d.), Ashraf Nagar, Khambat Sharif, Gujarat India. These spiritual and worldly gifts are distributed from the hands of Hazrat Pir-e-Tariqat, Rais-e-Millat, Alama Al-Hajj Saiyad Rais Ashraf Ashrafi-ul-Jillani Sajjadanasheen Darbar Sharif Sarkar Shah-e-Miran (r.d.). Saiyed Rais Ashraf Ashrafi-ul-Jilani

Mission Statement


Our charity is continuously working towards the advancement of:

  • Educational achievements in religious and spiritual faith studies/activities and Modern education - free of charge, through properly qualified & trained teachers and trained healer at a fully equipped purpose adapted institution.
  • Providing fee free welfare, advocacy and counselling for personal, marriage and family crisis', social troubles and religious issues. Educational, financial and work solutions and practical guidance.
  • Spiritual treatment, free of charge, for the relief of all kinds of mental distress and physical illnesses, and for the development of personality and character and for soul treatment.
  • Providing free services of care and help encompassing all aspects for the poor, needy, homeless and oppressed. Providng other general advice and information services including a library consisting of literature, audio & video CD's and DVD's and a website.
  • Other Activities: Islamic festivals and celebrations of special occassions. Organization of social events, camps, trips and sports.
  • As mentioned above we committed to our word and alongside with our two trust mainly named
  • Miran Saiyed Ali Spritual Treatment Centre & Educational Welfare Trust
  • Registered under charity commissioner vide Reg No E/2895/Anand, Income Tax registered. Govt of India
  • Miran Saiyed Ali Dargah, Kabrastan & Masjid Committee Trust
  • Registered under charity commissioner vide Reg No B/738/Kheda, Income Tax registered. Govt of India
  • To know more about our education click here
  • To know more about our welfare click here
  • (Please note that spiritual healing, education, welfare and all other activities and events are not directed at any particular religion, faith or community. They are for all people, regardless of their race or religious beliefs; and are all free of any charge. All our work is done through the above mention two trust all over the world we don't have other name trust if you want to help or donate to run the trust more smoothly donate or help generously )
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