Hazrat Pir Miran Saiyed Ali-Vali Sarkar (r)

The Ashraf Family and Hazrat Saiyed Abdul Razaq Noor-ul-Ayn.

underline Hazrat Makhdoom Ashraf

The Ashraf family comes from the lineage of Qudwatul Abrar, Ashraf-ul-Afaq Hazrat Saiyed Abdul Razaq Noor-ul-Ayn who is the greatest Khalifa and first Sajjada-nasheen of Hazrat Ghaus-ul-Alam Mahboob-Yazdani Makhdoom Sultan Saiyed Ashraf Jahangir Simnani and is also his nephew.

Hazrat Abdul Razaq Noor-ul-Ayn. He is from the descendents of the most honorable Hazrat Saiyednah Ghaus-ul-Azam of Baghdad Sharif. At the age of 12 he joined the company of Hazrat Makhdoom Paak (r) and spent his whole life in his service. Hazrat Ghaus-ul-Azam used to call Hazrat Abdul Razaq through his love for him Noor-ul-Ayn of Quratool Ayn and spiritual son. He said - just like Hazrat Ameer Kusaral was the pride of Hazrat Nazaam-mudeen Alea, Noor-ul-Ayn is my pride. On this gift of Allah I will take pride on the Day of Judgment. Hazrat Ghaus-ul-Alam prayed for Hazrat Noor-ul-Ayn and valayat and hadayat to remain till the Day of Judgment. It was to this prayer that the life of Hazrat Noor-ul-Ayn was devoted to increase the Ashrafi Sisila, and after him his descendents who are the actual Ashrafi family were great saints, scholars, spiritual guides and devotees and continually took the throne of spiritually of the holly shrine and as is such today. The tomb of Hazrat Noor-ul-Ayn is next to Hazrat Makhdoom Pak under the same dome.

Bashkari Shareef

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The capital of spiritual light and guidance of Bashkari Shareef is in district Ambedkar in Uttar Pradesh. This is the town in which many great saints and scholars were born and lived. Countless great men of Allah came and are still coming from this land. This important branch of the majority of the highly regarded Ashrafi family stem from Bashkari Shareef. The Shajanasheen(the spiritual descendant to the throne of the shrine) of Hazrat Makhdoom Sultan Saiyed Ashraf Jahangir Simnani (r.d.) lives in Bashkari Shareef.

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