Hazrat Pir Miran Saiyed Ali-Vali Sarkar (r)


Hazrat Makhdoom Hazrat Makhdoom Hazrat Makhdoom

Our trust Miran Saiyed Ali Dargah, Kabrastan and Masjid trust run madrasa named Jamiya Faizan-e-Ashraf Raisul Uloom (Faizan-e-Ashraf Academy) which is in Khambat,(Cambay), Gujarat India. Our trust undertakes education of languages such as Urdu, Arabic, English, Hindi, Gujarati. Our trust is responsible for taking appropriate action for making available in Urdu and Arabic language the knowledge of scientific and technological development as well as knowledge of ideas evolved in modern contexts.

The various institutions under our trust are as under:

•Jamia Faizan E Ashraf Rais ul Uloom Click here

• Rais-e-Milat Library

• Shah-e-Miran Computer Academy

• Shah-e-Miran Public School

• Shah-e-Miran Sewing Institute – Ladies only

• Shah-e-Miran Engineering Collage – Proposed

Urdu and Arabic language has contributed tremendously to the growth of Asian and Arabian continent culture and Urdu/ Arabic script is one of the most beautiful scripts among Asian and Arabic languages. Urdu and Arabic language has been a very powerful medium of communication with treasure of world class poetry, naat sharif, nahseeds, mankabat, prose and other forms of fiction.

With the fast expanding areas of learning and growing media influences there is always a need for learning by self efforts. Our trust provides avenues of flexible learning of script as well as the poetry, naat sharif, nasheeds, mankabat and prose of Urdu and Arabic literature by bringing education at your doorstep so that you may pursue learning at your own convenience and medium of choice. We hope that you will find this Diploma Course in Urdu and Arabic language on distance education mode very interesting.

Along with Urdu and Arabic course our trust also encourage and promote the students to become Qari, Hafiz, Aalim and Imam after completion of the appropriate courses the student can get jobs all over the world. Beside this keeping in mind the current requirement of modern education all over the world our trust is providing education in latest technology of IT with diploma course in Computer application and Multilingual DTP which has enable us to produce medium level IT professionals like DTP operators, Visual Designer, Data entry operators, Administator and Accounts assistants. On completion of above courses student are able to obtain a qualified job within all over world.

Hazrat Makhdoom Hazrat Makhdoom Hazrat Makhdoom

Jamiya Faizan-e-Ashraf Raisul Uloomiya Khambat

Bayadgar Tarikul Sultanate Huzoor Makhdoom Sultan Saiyed Ashraf Jahangir Simnani (r.a)

Address: Astana Sarkar Shah-e-Miran, Ashrafnagar. Khambat - 388620 Dist. Anand Gujarat, India


Managed By: Miran Saiyed Ali dargah, kabrastan & Masjid Trust

Registered Under Chaarity Commissioner. Gujarat State & Income Tax Regd

Principal: Mr Ayubbhai Hasanbhai Malek

Vice Pricipal/Teacher: Mr Maqsood Lakdawala

Teachers: Moullana Abdul Raqeeb, Qari Abdul Kadir Ibrahim Razvi, Hafiz Malek Ayub NoorMohammed, Moullana Mohammed Riyaz, Moullana Jamil Akhtar, Moullana Javed Sadiqali Saiyed, SanjayKumar Motilal Patwa, Syed Jami Ashraf, Hafiz Qari Ismael Malek, Moullana Mohammed Ahmed, Pankajkumar Rameshchandra Tailor

Superintendent: Mr Sirajuddin Mohammed Pathan

Office Clerk: Mr Abdul Qadir Sattarbhai Shaikh

Accountant: Mr Ibrahimbhai Chauhan

Office Assistant: Abdul Qayum AbdulHamid, Mohammed Juned Malik

Watchman: Mohammed Shadab S Pathan

Student: Cater for 1200 students in states of Gujrat and U.P. India, for all genders providing free accommodation, food, education, clothes, medicines, books, study material and stationery are given free of charge to the students by our trust.

Courses :

• 2 years functional Arabic Diploma course

• 1 year Urdu Diploma course

The above courses are approved by National Council for Promotion of Urdu language, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of secondary and higher education. Government of India.

• 1 year Computer Application and Multilingual DTP this includes IT professional courses such as DTP operators, Visual Designer, Data Entry operators.

• All courses are up to Higher secondary level. On completion of above courses student are able to obtain a qualified job within the IT field all over India.

Hazrat Makhdoom Hazrat Makhdoom Hazrat Makhdoom

• 3 years Imammat course

• Full quran Hifz course

• 7 years Aalim course

• 3 years Qirat course

• Ladies sewing course

Jamiya Faizan-e-Ashraf Raisul Uloomiya Khambat (Faizan-e-Ashrafiya Academy) have taken many students of which many have completed a number of courses mention above and have obtain good employments around the country.

Rais-e-Millat Library

Hazrat Makhdoom

Rais-e-millat library is based at Miran Saiyed Ali compound Ashrafnagar (khambat shareef). It is part of Faizan-e-Ashraf Academy run by our trust. Our library boasts of thousands of books on varied subjects such as Islamic laws, Spirituality, Fatwa, Social laws of life in the light of Islam etc. Books are in different languages like Arabic, Urdu, English, Persian and Gujarati. The library also has books written by renowned scholars from around the world on different subjects. The literature available in our library is varied. Apart from literature our library consists of educational cd’s, vcd’s, dvd’s and other audio visual materials. It is one of the biggest libraries in the area with huge collection of educational materials.

Hostel: In the near future we plan to build another new hostel with 40 rooms for students of Faizan-e-Ashraf Academy as per approved plan. The hostel would also have dining hall, common hall, kitchen and couple of store rooms. The cost of said hostel as per professional architect estimate works out to Rs 58 lakhs as per today.

Hazrat Makhdoom Hazrat Makhdoom

If you or your children are interested in getting admission for Hifz, Khirat, Aalim and Imammat course please contact Jamiya Faizan-e-Ashraf Raisul Uloomiya Khambat (Faizan-e-Ashrafiya Academy) between 5th Ramdhan to 25th Ramdhan. This course commence from 20th Shawwal. All other courses admission are undertaken during 5th February to 25th February and course commence from 1st April.


• Shah-e-Miran Higher Secondary School

• Shah-e-Miran Engineering Collage

In the near future we also plan to start the above mentioned institute and collage for further benefit and development of humanity

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