Hazrat Pir Miran Saiyed Ali-Vali Sarkar (r)

What is Spiritual Healing?

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Spiritual Healing is for all people who have ailments that, for what ever reasons, medical science cannot cure or are very challenging and resources are low or procedures are lengthy and life threatening... such as depression, kidney failure, asthma, mental disorder, disabilities, arthritis, phobia, cancer, insomnia, diabetes, nightmares, claustrophobia, domestic violence, other family issues, pregnancy problems, financial issues, unemployment, loss in business, internal health problems (men & women), stones, piles, heart problems, evil spirits, jinn, black magic, etc. For such people there is the path of spiritual healing and by prayer and holy water given by the healer a cure is inevitable. For this it is necessary that the person comes to the healer and takes advantage of the path of Sufism. All our treatments are done free of charge.My Khalifa’s and I who do spiritual treatment are true and proven from the Quran and Hadees, to help a patient is an order by Allah (swt) and his Prophet Muhammed (saw). I am thankful to Allah (swt) that he chose me and I chose my Khalifa’s. Besides this asking a patient’s health, going to funerals, praying at a funeral gathering, to attend the burial and pray at the graveside are all things by the grace of Almighty Allah (swt) my Khalifa’s and I do regularly. Such things are proven by the following Hadees e Paak that are things which should be done.

Hadees Paak

Hazrat bahra bin azaam (r.a) says the beloved prophet (saw) asked of us to do the following thing:
a) To ask a patient of their health, b) To attend funeral, c) To pray the janaza (funeral) namaz, d) Attend burials, e) To pray at the grave, f) To respond to sneezes, g) to fulfil promises, h) To help those in need, i) To accept invitation, h) To spread the acknowledgment.
Reference:      Bukhari & Muslim Shareef

Hazrat Abu Huraira (r.a) says the beloved prophet (saw) says a Muslim has five obligations on another Muslim:
a) To respond to his greetings, b) To ask of their health, c) to attend their funeral, d) To accept their invitation, e) To respond to their sneeze

Be loved prophet (saw) has said to ask a persons health, the procedure is to place your hand on their head or hand and say how are you now.
The prophet (saw) said whosoever does it in this manner he will be amongst those sitting in paradise.
Reference:      Aayollil Ghazali

Hazrat Shoban (r.a) says the beloved prophet (saw) has said “those who ask of someone’s health without any gain/reward they remain amongst the fresh fruit of paradise until he returns home.
Reference:      Muslim Shareef

Hazrat Ali (r.a) heard from the Beloved Prophet (saw) those muslins who ask of others health during the morning (fajr), 70 000 angles pray for them until the evening. If a person asks of someone’s health in the evening then 70 000 angels pray for him until morning and for him will be the best selected fruit in paradise and for him is a place in paradise.
Reference:      Bukhari Shareef

Hazrat Abdullah Usmaan Ibn Abi Aas (r.a) says I once told The Beloved Prophet (saw) about the pain I encountered in my body upon which the Prophet (saw) said “ Put your hand on the area where it is hurting” Prophet (saw) then read Bismillah 3 times and my pain subsided.
Reference:      Muslim Shareef.

Hazrat Ibn Abbas (r.a) said the Prophet (saw) went to see a villager. When ever the Prophet (saw) would go to see someone he would say “Never mind this illness is to cleanse you of all bad”.
Reference:      Bukhari Shareef

Hazrat Abi Saeed (r.a) said, once Hazrat Jibrail (a.s) went to the Prophet (saw) and said “Oh Prophet (saw) you are unwell”. The Prophet responded “Yes”. Hazrat Jibrail (a.s) said, “ I will do dum (blow) upon you from all pain and desires( nafs) and from all ill eyes ( bure nazar) Hazrat Jibrail (a.s) then read, Oh Allah I ask for you to cure The Prophet and I take your name and do dum(blow) on the Prophet Mohammed (saw).
Reference:      Muslim Shareef.

Hazrat Bibi Aisha (r.d.a) says “When the Prophet of Allah (saw) would ask of someone’s health he would put his right hand on their head and say “Oh Allah our Lord omit him of his troubles and cure him (shifa), you are the curer and your is the genuine pure cure, give him such cure that will kill all his illness”.
Reference:      Bukhari & Muslin Shareef.

Hazrat Abu Huraira (r.a) says, “The Prophet Mohammed (saw) said on the day of judgment
Allah will say – Oh children of Adam I was unwell you did not ask me of my health.
Children of Adam- How could we ask you of your health you are RABUL ALA MEEN
Allah will say – Did you not know one of my people was not well, you did not ask him of his health. If you had you would have found me with him.

Allah will say – Oh children of Adam I asked you for food and you did not feed me.
Children of Adam- How could I have fed you, you are RABUL ALA MEEN
Allah will say – Did you not know one of my people asked you for food, you did not feed him. If you had you would have found him by me.

Allah will say – Oh children of Adam I asked you for water and you did not give me.
Children of Adam- How could I have given you water, you are RABUL ALA MEEN
Allah will say – Did you not know one of my people was thirsty, you did not give him. If you had you would have found him by me.
Reference:      Muslin Shareef

Hazrat Abu Musa (r.a) says The Prophet Mohammed (saw) has said “Ask the ill of their health, feed the poor and help to free a slave”.
Reference:      Bukhari Shareef

Hazrat Ibn Maazik (r.a) says my father stepped on a snake’s egg because of which he gradually lost his eye sight. He went to The Prophet (saw). The Prophet (saw) put his saliva onto his eyes at once he regained his eye sight such that at the age of 80 he was able to thread a needle.
Reference:      Kasaise Qubra, Jild 2, Safa 9

At the time of departure for Hajj a lady from the Kassam tribe came to the Prophet (saw) she said. This is my only son, he does not speak”. The Prophet asked for water, washed his hands and gargled, he then gave the water to the lady and asked her to make her son drink the water and apply some on him. Some time after when the lady returned she said my son is better and has started to read.
Reference:      Ibne mujajba Nashra, Safa 260

Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas (r.a) says a lady once came to the Beloved Prophet (saw) and said her son has fits which happen in afternoon and evening. Prophet (saw) put his hand on his chest and read straight away the child vomited a small black animal and the child was cured.
Reference:      Dhaumi us sunna, Jild 1, Safa 19,
Ahmed al masal, Jild 1, Safa 254,
Tibrani, Jild 12, Safa 45

Hazrat Ibn Abbas (r.a) says one women came to the Beloved Prophet (saw) she said her son has gone mad. The Beloved Prophet (saw) put his hand on the boy’s chest and read the child vomited a black object and the child recovered.
Reference:      Mishkat Shareef, Jild 2, Safa 541

Hazrat Urula bin Murra (r.a) says a woman came to the Beloved Prophet (saw) and said her son was being trouble by a Jinn. Prophet (saw) held the boys nose and said “nikal kar chala ja” (get out and go). Hazrat Urula (r.a) says prophet (saw) and I then left when we return to that place the Beloved Prophet (saw) asked the woman about her child’s health she said “I swear upon the pure zaat that has sent you since you left I have not seen this child troubled”
Reference:      Mishkat Shareef, Jild 2, Safa 540

Hazrat Abdul Aziz (r.a) and Hazrat Sabik (r.a) both sahabiye Rasool came to see Hazrat Anas (r.a). Hazrat Sabik (r.a) said “ O Anas I am unwell, will you help me” Hazrat Anas (r.a) said should I not dum (blow) on you the same dua that the Beloved Prophet (saw) used to read, Hazrat Sabik (r.a) replied “sure” Hazrat Anas (r.a) then read:


and Hazrat Sabik (r.a) was cured
Reference:      Bukhari Shareef, Jild 2, Safa 855

Hazrat Umul Fazal (r.d.a) says I went pass the Beloved Prophet (saw) I had no children and was unable to bare children. The Beloved Prophet (saw) saw me and said you are pregnant and you will have a boy, when he is born bring him to me. I took my son to him when he was born the Beloved Prophet (saw) named him Abdullah.
Reference:      Dalailul  Nabuwa Safa 153,
Tarikul Khulfa  Safa 5

The Beloved Prophet (saw) gave someone an invitation to become a Muslim he refused and said my daughter should also not be given life. Prophet (saw) said show me your daughter’s grave. Prophet (saw) took the girls name, she stepped out of the grave and said “Labaik wa Sadaik Ya Rasoolallah” prophet (saw) said would you like to return to the world. She replied “I swear upon the lord I found him to be better then my parents and found the hereafter better then this world”
Reference:      Mawahibe laduniya, Imam Bahike ref Seerate Arabi, Safa 458 Dalaile Naboowat

At the time of Hijrat when the Beloved Prophet (saw) was in Gaar-e-Saur and was with Hazrat Abubaker Siddique (r.a), Hazrat Abubaker Siddique (r.a) was bitten by a snake; the rage of the pain was such that he cried. Prophet (saw) was sleeping on Hazrat Abubaker Siddique (r.a)’s lap, his tears fall upon the Beloved Prophet (saw) face. The Beloved Prophet (saw) asked who has troubled you. Hazrat Abubaker Siddique (r.a) replied a snake has bitten me. The Beloved Prophet (saw) put his saliva on the place where the snake had bitten. The pain was relieved and the poison subsided.
Reference:      Zarkani allul mawail, Jild 8, Safa 339

Hazrat Bharla bin Ajaib (r.a) said Hazrat Abdullah bin Ateek Abu rafeel (r.a) after killing a non believer, was returning home he fell from the stairs of his house upon which his knee was fractured when he went to Prophet (saw), the Beloved Prophet (saw) put his hand over his leg and then said now stretch your legs, his legs was mended such that it was not broken.
Reference:      Bukhari Shareef, Jild 4, Safa 1483

Once prophet (saw) was having a haircut and his hair fell onto the ground people picked up prophet’s (saw) hair as tabarakaat. One hair was picked by Hazrat Umme Umara (r.d.a) whenever someone was ill she would wash the hair then get the ill person to drink the water. By the grace of Allah they would get better.
Reference:      Tafseer-e-Roohul Bayan, Jild 4, Safa 5

Hazrat Abdur Rehman Bin Saeed say Hazrat Ibn Umar’s suffered from paralysis in his leg. One of the sahabi’s asked him to call who he loved most amongst the humans. He said Oh Muhammed (s.a.w) and at once his leg was better.
Hazrat Ibn Abaas had the same troubles and did the same, he too was cured.
Reference:      Abadul Makrood Lil Bukhari, Safa – 193
                        Sarhe Shifa Shareef, Jild 2, Safa 41

Hazrat Utbi Bin Gazwaan ( r.d) say’s The Beloved Prophet (saw) has said when someone loses something or if you are in need of something and are at a place where no help is available then recite the following:-

                        “AYINIYA IBADULLAH”, meaning “Oh people of Allah help me”

There are by far people of Allah which we cannot see but it is their duty to help.
Reference:      Mujanul Kabeer, Jild 10, Safa 217
                        Musandil Firdoos, Jild 1, Safa 330

Hazrat Ibn Firasi (r.d) say’s his father Hazrat Firassi (r.d) asked The Beloved Prophet (saw) can I ask people for help. The Beloved Prophet (saw) replied “no – but if you have no choice ask for help from the buzurgane deen/ Saleheen only they can help you and will.
Reference:      Suneine Abu Dawood, Jild 2, Safa 122
                        Musle Ahmed Bin Humbal, Jild 4, Safa 334
Sunine Nisae, Jild 5, Safa 95

Hazrat Anas say’s The Beloved Prophet (saw) has said there are some of Allah’s people ( Awliya Allah) who know of peoples untold stories/issues.
Reference:      Ibn Kaseer’s Tafseer of Quran, jild 2, Safa 556
                        Muazmul Qusud, Jild 2, Safa 307
                        Musnadur Shahab, Jild 2, Safa 116

Hazrat Abdullah Bin Umar say’s The Beloved Prophet (saw) has said there are definitely some special people of Allah whom he has appointed to fulfil people’s needs. People will have problems and take them to them.  These special people are Awliya Allah who are exempt from the wrath of Allah.
Reference:      Musnadul Shahab, Jild 2, Safa 11
                        Halyatul Awliya, Jild 3, Safa 225
                        Muajamal Kabeer, Jild 12, Safa 358

Hazrat Hubi Binte Muabis say’s one day The Beloved Prophet (saw) came to our house and sat on my bed such that he was comfortable. At the time some children were drumming and reading Qaseeda’s about the Shouhada at the fight of Badr. On seeing The Beloved Prophet (saw) they started singing in praise of him. The Beloved Prophet (saw) stopped them and asked them to continue reading what they were reading previously.
Hence reading Qaseeda’s about our buzurgane deen’s is the sunnat of The Beloved Prophet (saw).
Reference:      Bukhari Shareef, Jild 4, Safa 469
                        Tirmazi Shareef, Jild 3, Safa 399
                        Abu Dawood, Jild 2, Safa 281

Hazrat Aliya Ufi (r.d.a) says once Hazrat Kaab (r.d) stood up and held onto Hazrat Abaas (r.d) and said I will make this grip my shafaat on the day of judgement. Hazrat Abaas said,”is this possible”. Hazrat Kaab (r.d) replied, “I have heard from The Beloved Prophet (saw) that anyone can gain shafaat from the Ahlebayt”
Reference:      Abu Naeem Fi Wluatuli Awliya, Jild 6, Safa 42

Hazrat Abdullah Bin Masood say’s Prophet (saw) has said “that one day’s love of Ahlebayt is better then one whole year of ibadaat and the one who dies in the love of Ahlebayt his is the place of jannat.
Reference:      Musnail Firdoos, Jild 2, Safa 196

There are different types of healing procedures. These are:

  • For some illnesses there is prayer in Allah (SWT)ís Bargah and with the grace of Allah (SWT) the patient is cured.
  • For some patient's there is water, with Quranic verses are read and blown into it. This is done by the healer which the patient drinks. This water is like medicine and is drunk continuously until the illness is cured, Insha Allah.
  • For some illnesses there are certain Quranic verses which must be read by the patients (wazaif). Over a period of time, Insha Allah, the illness will be cured.
  • For some illnesses there is a combination of meditation and prayer (zikr-e-Illahi, zikr-e-Mustafa, zikr-e-Buzur-ganee-deen (pious saints)). By sitting in such gatherings some illness will be cured, Insha Allah.

All patience must consult their doctor and continue with their prescribed medication and together with the water given by the spiritual healer Allah (SWT) will definitely cure all illnesses, Insha Allah.

If any person requires treatment please contact our Healers personally or by telephone.

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