Hazrat Pir Miran Saiyed Ali-Vali Sarkar (r)

Janab Sufi Mohammed Shafaqat Ali Ashrafi Baruch

Janab Mohammed Shafaqat

First Khalifa of Hazrat Pir–E-Tariqat, Rais-E-Millet, Alama A-Hajj Sufi Saiyed Rais Ashraf Ashrafi-il-jilani.

Hazrat Muhammed Shafaqat Ali Ashrafi (Bharuch Wale Bapu) was born into a Hindu family on the 9th August 1964 Khambat, Gujarat, India he was named Mukesh Kumar Rameshchandra Tailor.

His family members were educated and professional people. His father owned a gem and jewellery business, his elder brother was a pharmacist and his elder sister was a teacher. His younger brother was a mechanic & builder. His uncle a paediatrician. He himself was a qualified chemical engineer.

Even as a student he deeply believed in spirituality and the presence of God.

Once on a business trip to Delhi, he decided to visit the tomb of Hazrat Qut-bud-Deen Bakhtiar Kaki (r). He felt such an enormous surge of spiritual power that he forgot his business venture and became engrossed in the enormity of the experience.

Then he left for the tomb of Hazrat Shah Alam Shah (r) in Ahmedabad and found a wonderful and satisfying spiritual experience there. Here he heard a voice say “Go to Khambat to Miran Pir Saiyed Ali”.

Shortly after this meeting his mother fell critically ill and no medical or other cure could be found to help her so he brought her to Hazrat Pir Saiyed Rais Ashraf, who cured her illness instantly. Mukesh upon seeing this miracle immediately accepted Hazrat Sahib as his spiritual guide and became his disciple and follower.

On accepting Islam Hazrat Sahib named him Muhammed Shafaqat Ali Ashrafi (and later became known as “Bharuch Wale Bapu”). This happened on 28th July 1991. Hazrat Shafaqat Ali was made Hazrat Sahib’s first spiritual representative (Khalifa) on the 13th January 1992 only 6 months into his discipleship. He stayed with Hazrat Sahib from then on, learning Islam, training as a Muslim and obtaining spiritual power. He was made to fast continuously for up to one year and he had to go without food for up to 3 days at a time.

Hazrat Shafaqat Ali was finally posted as a Khalifa in Bharuch, Gujarat, India. Here he not only holds spiritual healing camps but also has a medical camp, holds computer classes and a religious school (madrassa) called Nul-ul-Islam (which supports other educational institutions too). He provides stationary and school uniforms for the poor and even pays for school fees.

Hazrat Shafaqat Ali has expanded his work to the UK, Saudi Arabia and other countries too. May Allah (SWT) shower Hazrat Shafaqat Ali with blessing and give him the power to further benefit mankind.



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