Hazrat Pir Miran Saiyed Ali-Vali Sarkar (r)


Hazrat Makhdoom

• Miran Saiyed Ali Welfare Centre contributes in the distribution of food, clothes, medical aid, financial needs, books, study material and stationery are given free of charge to all students who study in our academy run by our trust.

Hazrat Makhdoom

• Students from schools and collages from around Gujarat are awarded with trophies to encourage them to study at a higher educational level. Our trust believes the youth needs this extra encouragement as education is the only way to help a highly populated India with immense poverty. We try our best to encourage the youngsters of today.

Hazrat Makhdoom

• Our trust organizes events like Hifz, Qirat, Naat Sharif, Islamic question answer sessions and competition for all madrasa student from around Gujarat, prizes are distributed to top students and winners of the competition such events are organized to encourage and promote students for further participation and higher education.

Hazrat Makhdoom Hazrat Makhdoom

• Every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at Khambat (Cambay) and every Saturday, Sunday at Baroda’s trust office the trust appoints a spiritual healer who listens to the problems expressed by many and helps to find a cure be it a dua, medical doctor, martial issues or if they want spiritual healing that too is arranged. Those who attend our gatherings are welcome from all religious backgrounds.

Hazrat Makhdoom

• All fees, medical costs, martial costs are undertaken by our trust.

• Our trust runs spiritual camps and medical camps.

• In our spiritual camps people are healed through dua made by the pious person to Allah (swt) all free of charge.

• In our medical camps people who need a treatment our taken to a qualified doctor, who treats them either with medicine, operations or care all these costs are undertaken by our trust.

Hazrat Makhdoom

Our trust looks after the various Mosques,Tombs and Shrines at Ashrafnagar (khambat shareef), many family members of Prophet Mohammed (saw) through the descedents of Hazrat Bibi Fatima-tu-zorha (r.d.a) and Sher-e-Khuda Mushqil khusa Hazrat Ali-e-Murtaza (r.d) who came through Jillan settled at Ashrafnagar (khambat shareef) and they guided and taught the residents the true way of life based on Prophet Mohammed (saw) teachings, many people accepted islam under their guidance and due to their prayer and hard work for islam they achieved the rank of vilayat (allah (swt) friend) through allah(swt) and left this world.

Their tombs and shrines are situated in Ashrafnagar (khambat shareef). Every year we held Urs, Niyaz and student award ceremony for those buzurganedeen whose shrines are situated in Ashrafnagar (khambat shareef) according to Islamic dates. On this ceremonial occasion we celebrate function with Quran Khatam, mehfil-e-milad shareef,lectures from renowned Ulema-e-karam, mehfil-e-sama, debates, naat and manqabat, we distribute clothes to student of madarassa and poor people. Also we celebrate Urs of different buzurgane deen according to their relevant islamic dates.

Hazrat Makhdoom

The Shrines that are situated at Ashrafnagar (khambat shareef) include the shrines of:

• Sarkar Shah-e-Miran Hazrat Pir Miran Saiyed Ali Vali Sarka(r.d) great grandson of Ghaus-e-Pak Piran-e-Pir Dastaghir Sayed Abdul Qadir Jillani (r.d)

• Hazrat Pir Saiyed Alauddin Ali (r.d) first khalifa and sajjadanasheen of Hazrat Sarkar Shah-e-Miran(r.d)

• Amma sahiba Hazrat Saiyeda Bibi Sakina(r.d.a) mother of Hazrat Sarkar Shah-e-Miran(r.d)

• Badi Appa sahiba Hazrat Saiyeda Zainab Fatima (r.d.a) sisiter of Sarkar Shah-e-Miran (r.d)

• Chhoti Appa sahiba Hazrat Bibi Nasibunnisa (r.d.a) sisiter of Sarkar Shah-e-Miran (r.d)

• Hazrat Zainul Abideen(r.d) son of chhoti appa sahiba

• Hazrat Saiyeda Bibi Kausar Jahaan (r.d.a) wife of Sarkar Shah-e-Miran Hazrat Miran Saiyed Ali(r.d)

• Hazrat Saiyeda Bibi Zahirunnisa wife of Hazrat Miran Saiyed Vali(r.d)

• Hazrat Khajanchi Baba(r.d)

• Hazrat Abdul Rehman Mastan Shah Baba(r.d)

• Hazrat Kalandari Baba (r.d)

Our trust also publishes books for guidance of people in order to help them lead a successful and peaceful life for development of humanity. Some of the books published by our trust are as under:

Hazrat Makhdoom

1. Gulshan-e-Makhdoom Ashraf

2. Faizaan-e-Shabaan aur Ramzan

3. Khambat meri nazar mein

4. Faiz-e-Miraan

5. Karamaat-e-Auliyah Allah

6. Faizan-e-Eid Milad-un-Nabi (saw)

Auliya Mosque

Also there is a very beautiful mosque attached to the shrine of Hazrat Sarkar Shah-e-Miran(r.d) known as Auliya Mosque. The foundation of this mosque was laid in the year 1987 and it was constructed by our trust. The maintenance and upkeep of this mosque is also done by our trust

Construction of various new facilities

Our trust takes up construction of various new facilities from time to time for the benefit of humanity.

Hazrat Makhdoom

• Baab-e-Usman-e-Harooni (Gate): At present we are constructing a huge gate which will be the main entrance to Ashrafnagar. This gate will be 35 feet long in height and 29 feet wide in width. It is named upon Hazrat Khwaja Usman Harooni(r.d) Pir of Hazrat Khwaja Garib Nawaz(r.d)(Ajmer India). Apart from being the main entrance to Ashrafnagar this gate is also miraculous which will be revealed later on

Hazrat Makhdoom

• Astana of Kalandari Baba(r.d): Simultaneously construction work of shrine of Hazrat Makhdoom Jalaluddin Kalandari Baba(r.d) khalifa–e-Hazrat Boo Ali Shah Qalander(r.d), Panipat (Haryana India) is going on at Ashrafnagar (khambat shareef)

If anyone wishes to contribute towards the welfare events then please send your Demand Draft / Cheques / Money Order click here for further details. May Allah (SWT) and the Great Saints shower their infinite blessings on you all. Ameen.

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